Led by a Fieldwork Manager, the LMS-CSA team consists of

  • Permanent staff (survey executives, itinerant supervisors and controllers responsible for telephone checks)
  • More than 100 permanent investigators and team leaders who are experienced and have a high level of training.
  • Recruiters for qualitative studies or for in-home visits

 The staff regularly gets a briefing and a training session at the start of each study under the supervision of the project manager and the field manager.

In its office in Casablanca, LMS-CSA has two furnished rooms in Moroccan style, fully equipped (two-way mirror, video camera and simultaneous translation equipment) for the purpose of conducting focus groups.

Outside of Casablanca, LMS-CSA has a network of premises to conduct group meetings, used on an ad-hoc basis both in urban and rural areas.

For product and ad testing, LMS-CSA has a network of premises that can be equipped and mobilized relatively quickly (putting up a box for tasting or TV screens for viewing ads).

The fieldwork center also has telephone equipment to administer questionnaires through this medium.