LMS-CSA is a one of the leading market research companies in Morocco. Formerly LMS Marketing was a subsidiary of LMS Conseil Group, but since 1991 it has been an independent company and has been united with the other member firms of the LMS network (LMS Organization and human resources and LMS recruitment) by a charter of principles and values that give it its identity, and ensure its clients the highest standards of rigor and quality of service.

The network is based on the principle of " autonomy within synergy " which gives each company of the network not only room for initiative but also an identity of its own, while ensuring for the whole network the possibility of executing the assigned missions in a rich, consistent and supportive way.

LMS-CSA also maintains privileged relationships with the CSA Group, one of the leading operators in market research and polls in Europe and a shareholder of LMS-CSA since 1995.

LMS-CSA also carries out fieldwork subcontracted on behalf of international research firms carried out in the same conditions of rigor, quality and professionalism as for studies in full service.