Our services :

 Solutions to your business issues

  • Grasp and understand your market
  • Evaluate and monitor over time the reputation and image of your company / your products or your brand (s)
  • Assess and monitor over time the satisfaction of your customers and partners
  • Assess the adequacy of service delivered to customers at points of sells with pre-established standards
  • Test the attractiveness of a new product and /or service offer and its relevance to market needs
  • Test name and /or visual identity
  • Test price sensitivity and optimize your pricing
  • Identify profiles and segment your customer
  • Assess the impact of your communication
  • Monitor the performance of your marketing actions and activities
  • Quantify and qualify media audience
  • Identify the media behavior of your target


Our intervention tools :

Ad-hoc methodologies or packaged solutions from our partner, CSA France.

  • Usages & Attitudes study
  • Segmentation study
  • Awareness, image and positioning study
  • Concepts test
  • Brand Names and logos test
  • Price test/PriceAdvance®
  • Packaging test
  • Full Mix Test/ MixAdvance®
  • Measurement of Customer Satisfaction ( One shot or Barometer )
  • Ad post-test/ AdPost®
  • Brand equity study/ BrandAdvance®
  • Media audience study
  • Car clinics


Our methods of data collection :

  Tools adapted to the problem and target

  • Face-to-face questionnaires (by street intercept, in-home, in-hall, in-situ)
  • Telephone questionnaires with professionals, or customer
  • Self-administered questionnaires for specific targets
  • Mystery visits and calls